Monday, January 06, 2014

Idiot Box: part 4

11. Big Bang Theory : This show is based on four geeks. Even if they hold PHDs their is something off about them be it public speaking, common sense or the obsessive compulsive disorder. This also stars the hottest female on planet Earth - Kaley Cuoco. Sheldon Cooper is my favorite character, I see a lot of his traits in me and people around me. I like my tea of a certain temperature, anything else pisses me off. Of course Sheldon is an extreme but the awareness that we all have a mini Sheldon in all of us makes the show more interesting.

12. Everybody Loves Raymond : Fun riot. Story about Raymond who lives with wife and kids right across his interfering parents. Families are same everywhere!

13. Friends : This show needs no introduction. I must have seen each episode at least thrice.

14. 8 Simple Rules (for dating my teenage daughter) : This stars the lovely Kaley Cuoco. First three seasons (until one of the main character passed away) were hilarious.

15. Sex and the city : I was totally addicted to sex and the city (I mean the show). As the name suggests it is about sex, city (New York) and also about shoes, fashion, relationships. I loved the way they have portrayed the friendship among four main characters. They share everything from positive, beautiful to negative and ugly. I liked the writer character the most. She is a quiet observer of everything from those intense passionate moments to the lulls. The way she writes her column is thought provoking. Try it you might get addicted too.

16. Desperate Housewives: How did I ever get to watch a show with that name? Simply because it was available on Netflix instant watch. I watched just the first season and loved it. There is a difference in how a family or individual is viewed by people and how they are inside those closed doors of their house or minds. Every single person in this world has a secret that they have not shared with anyone. It can be as small as they broke a cup to may be killed someone. The show revolves around these secrets, the exterior and the interior of people and families.

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