Friday, June 02, 2017

Me before you

1. 7 habits of highly effective people - Stephen R. Covey
The first time I read it I was probably 18, I loved it then and loved it now. 5/5*

2. 8th habit - Stephen R. Covey
It is not as good as 7 habits, probably just written to cash on the success of 7 habits. 2/5*

3. Me before you - Jojo Moyes
Reading this book was a mistake because I hate these kind of books where a girl meets a boy who happens to be a billionaire and he helps her get out of her comfort zones, acquire skills, be fearless and towards the end make her rich. If you want money - here is the message - earn it yourself, why do you need a 'man' to fix you?... Pathetic and just a cry baby story. 0/5, not sure why it has 4.5 rating on goodreads!