Friday, March 04, 2011


The great Indian Novel – Shashi Tharoor
Mahabharata has its own charm. It is kind of boring to read or watch it getting compared with India’s struggle for independence or India’s politics. If you don’t know anything about Mahabharat then it’s a good read.

The White Tiger – Arvind Adiga
Booker prize for such an author?
My objection is not because of the subject (taking the point of view of the underclass), or the topic (corruption) or the plot line (finding a way out of a harsh social trap); rather my objection is to the quality of the work which is characterized by inauthentic situations and laughable coincidences and plot twists.

The confession – First John Grisham’s book that I read (I have seen a few movies based on his novels), after reading this book I swore not to read any of the Grishm’s book ever… it is that bad!

Some of my favorite books:

Cheaper by the dozen – This book CHANGED my life.
It is probably known for its humor, but there is much more to the book than just humor. This book is about a person who brought the idea of time management into industries for the first time. This book is an answer to people who complain they don’t find time to pursue their hobbies because of their jobs/ hectic schedules.

Fountainhead – I have no words to explain how much I admire Ayn Rand’s writing; I think she is one of the best writers. I am in love-hate relationship with the characters in her books. One of my most favorite book is Atlas shrugged.