Thursday, July 09, 2020

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Monday, May 18, 2020


Most of us will agree that the sheer number of years we have lived has taught us varied experiences and has taught us some important truths. We come to know, for instance, that time really does mend broken hearts; that we can not take back the words we used so we had better take care in using them, and we should speak up or take action when something or someone doesn't feel right. 

It also becomes clear life is not what we leave behind, that is history. Life is the living of it. Whether we are remembered by history or family or no one at all, we are here to live it now, in these moments when our hearts are beating in our chests, when our eyes gaze across the great skies…

Let's breathe in, laugh as much as possible, soothe our wounds and the wounds of others, love as truly as we can, take what this life has to offer, and turn it into what we need, what has meaning for us… to recognize the small but important moments in our lives when we are living them.

Monday, May 11, 2020

Philosopher’s stone

  1. I do not believe in 'love at first sight' or 'love at first meet'. For there to be love... there needs to be togetherness. There is a difference between attraction and love, attraction can lead to affinity, which people can mistake for love. In my opinion, if attraction and affinity are followed by togetherness and the attraction and affinity still stays unaffected... then that state is called love.

2. Can humans live with just a beautiful body or they crave the companionship of beautiful thoughts? I don't know about others but I easily get attracted to smiling faces with progressive thoughts, the good-natured people. With their intelligence, positivity, good nature and thinking they will make you grow as a person too. For me people with rotten attitudes and negative approaches are reproachful ... how-much-ever good looking they might be.

3. If you want to look good then buy gold but if you want to turn into gold... then look for the philosopher's stone.

Saturday, April 25, 2020

Life Choices


I am pretty darn happy with all my life choices. I like where the path has led me with the decisions that I have made.

One and the only reason why I am at peace with my choices is that I NEVER compare my life to anyone else's. My life is my own. I am here due to 'the family I was born in, the country I was born in, the personality I was born with, and then what I did with all of the variables that life offered me. No two people have the same starting point. Not even twins. So the question of comparing and resenting doesn't arise.

 If one is set out on the path of comparing and resenting about the starting points that life gave them then there is no end to it. I could have sat in a corner each day and wondered why was I born in a village not a city, why did I have to do my early schooling in schools with no walls, why not those huge posh convents, why didn't my father have any money to send me to good schools and why wasn't I born to Amitabh Bachchan instead. You see what I am saying... there is no end to it. All I need to do is compare myself ... with me... the past me.
I need to see my start point and compare it with the current me and ask myself do I see growth?
As long as I am actively choosing growth -  physical, mental, intellectual, spiritual and emotional in every moment and learning from every mistake, I count that as a successful life choice.
All I would say is there is nothing positive about envying anyone. Everyone has their own path. Do what makes you happy. Everyday. Choose the path of growth and rest will follow.

Friday, April 24, 2020


I had a great time singing with all these lovely people in the video, absolutely enjoying smule.

P.S. most of the videos are recorded in my bathroom- trying to emphasize on the fact that I am just a bathroom singer. 🙂

Saturday, April 11, 2020


In the beginning my writing was confined in a 100 page diary. I wrote about what I did during the day, what I wore and mostly it was the reflection of all the feelings that I went through. We gaze at ourselves in the mirror once in a while, just like that whenever I get a chance I go through the old pages of my diary, to look for that innocent naive existence of me, it is not lost, I have it preserved - in my diary.

Sometimes an emotion takes over us and then we stop listening to our brain and do what the heart tells us to. That emotion can be anything, love, anger, vengeance or rage. The brain stops functioning logically when the heart starts to rule, and then we start dancing to the tunes of our emotions.
I am a common (wo)man who has experienced the battles between the brain and mind. All of these battles, struggles, fights are witnessed by my diary, and most of the battles end in the diary too. Those white papers have the power to calm me down. Stress at work, at home, my principles or the tangled relationships, thrilling-sad-funny-happy experiences and all sorts of ideas - the diary knows it all.

She bears with my anger and love both with equal poise. She listens. Everyone goes through struggles but she constantly gave me the courage to get up and try again. I am not a quiet person, sometime I feel I talk way too much and I should let others do some talking too, but with the diary I speak my innermost feelings. My parents have a big role to play in the kind of person I am today and my diary has a solid part in the kind of person I am not. Because I don't avenge, speak badly, with anger etc. just because I get to express it to the diary. She is my venting mechanism. Most of the storms relinquish in it.

She also developed a liking for creation in me.

I see the memories of yesterday and the dreams of tomorrow in my diary. She provides me the kind of support I need to be at peace and not just superficially. In real life I do not abide by the rules of society, and I am the same with my diary... more so. I have had inferiority complex ever since I remember but the diary provides me a surge of confidence every time I express myself to her.
There are loads of advantages of writing a diary, even psychiatrists prescribe it to patients going through depression etc. I had highly recommend picking up the habit of writing a journal/ diary, even if it's just 4 lines everyday.