Monday, November 30, 2015

Personal Style Blog

Have you ever opened your closet door in the morning and stood there for a long time wondering what you want to wear? And then tried a few things on, didn't like it and ended up changing 3-4 times? I have done it many times. I assume many of you have been through this situation. That is exactly where style blogs come in picture.

What is a personal style blog?

People upload pictures on a blog and provide info such as where they got the goods from and this information is used by other curious minds. Style blogs are all about clothes and the so called 'immaterial' material things. I know that nobody gives a shit what you wear. Yes! no one but we ourselves.

Why spend any time on what we wear?

Shoes, a beautiful dress, new haircut, jewelry are all trivial material things, in all honesty it should not matter because people say our inner self is what matters.

But our physical form is strongly connected to our identity, that is how we interact with the world around us. The exterior matters as much as the interior. Honestly I feel every girl is into clothes and shoes if they are not then they are lying or just in a denial phase ;-)

Why did I start following personal style blogs?

It may sound ironical but clothes are the last thing I want to spend time on, be it in the morning or when I go shopping. Though I don't want to be all 'dressed up' I want to be 'well dressed'.

It has happened innumerable times that I bought clothes which didn't match with anything in my closet, I bought wrong brands, wrong colors and all the money I spent on it was a complete waste as I never wore it. I thought it will be so nice if someone gave me ideas on what I could wear, or buy. That's why I started looking at style blogs. I like style blogs more than fashion magazines as the blogger's style is more real and relatable.

Why and how did I start a personal style blog?

Creation gives us long lasting happiness that is why I decided to create a blog on what I consumed! I thought there might be more people out there who went through the same confusion as I was going through.

I am not a devil who wears Prada, I don’t make any statements by carrying a Louis Vuitton. I am not a stylist or get paid for promoting products on my style blog so why should I have a style blog? Because I represent the most of you...

What is different with my style blog?

My style is extremely simple, I am not so much into jewelry, hairdos and makeup. So if you are into Chanel and such brands then you are not going to like my blog.

Through my blog I do not want to motivate people to buy new stuff but show how things can be mixed and matched to create a different looking outfit altogether everyday and the basic things one needs to have in their closet - things that go well with anything and everything.

What I wear is my interpretation of what looks good, it is obviously not the ideal way of doing things. But still you might end up liking something and would be able to mix and match according to your interpretation of style. Styling is an art and that too an abstract one, I find it a lot like painting where you play with colors and patterns.

I want to provide on my blog the endless possibilities of recipes that can be put together with just a few ingredients in the closet.

This is the link to my blog - If you like it then do share it with your friends and family. Also I would love to hear from you what you think about it!

Fun Facts:

How did taking pictures everyday made a difference in my life?

Initially I never smiled in the pics but then I started smiling just for those 5 minutes.Morning is a rush time for most of us and smiling consciously is the last thing on our mind. When I saw people in laughter clubs at various parks in India I wondered how and why such a weird thing works? Laughing without reason early in the morning? Crazy! I thought. Today I know why these clubs work the way do. Smiling consciously as the day starts can change the mood of the whole day. There were times when I woke up in pain, agony or was sick but smiling in front of the camera for 5 minutes changed something in me and how my day went, for some reason it recharged me. 

Looking at myself in the pics made me realize how important it is to lose weight. Everything looks great on fit bodies, even torn clothes. Fitness is the most precious thing one can have. The pictures I took motivated me to lose weight and they still do.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Pale Blue Dot

Standing out in the night looking at the stars I fear there is no meaning to any sort of existence. I need to accept that I cannot know the magic of the universe, I need to deal with feeling helpless as many do.

Don’t get me wrong, life is wonderful, I enjoy to feel, love, trust, laugh, cry, breathe and simply live, live without goals, intentions or ambitions, may be the universe is doing the same.

Reading any books on this topic doesn't answer any basic questions, in fact it leads into having more questions than before. But I would rather die happily with unanswered questions than living a life with no questions or wonder or curiosity about the origin, purpose and meaning of existence.

Pale Blue Dot is a book by the famous astronomer Carl Sagan that I would definitely recommend to the curious minds.

Highly Recommended TV show: Cosmos by Carl Sagan and the same show by Neil Tyson.