Monday, February 08, 2016

Big Magic

Have you ever created something? Be it a painting/ write up/ movie/ song/ poem/ sweater/ dresses/ chocolates... anything? If you have then this post is for you.

One may go through many fears in the process of creating something - I am not good enough, no one will like it, there are lot many doing it better than me, no body will buy, see, publish or read it. 

I go through a lot of them when I create paintings (some shared in this post), when I write stories (never shared with anyone) or be it my recent adventure of creating a personal style blog. I am afraid of
coming across as dumb, being laughed at or being rejected... and so sometimes I procrastinate creating.

It is scary to call myself a painter or a writer, I earn nothing out of it, barely anyone reads what I write, I have never sold any paintings. In all honesty no one gets anything out of what I create but me. The process of creation provides pleasure and a high that gives long lasting happiness unlike watching TV or consuming alcohol, the happiness associated with consumption is momentary.

There comes a time in every creative person's life when they feel like they are a failure and their mind is full of all sort of doubts. When I was going through this phase I happened to read a book by Elizabeth Gilbert ('Eat Pray Love' fame) called 'Big Magic - Creative living beyond fear'. I absolutely loved it. It talks about creative process from start to end, from fear of starting on it to being liked or rejected ;-). The book really motivated and inspired me to create more.

It really doesn't matter if I we are being accepted or not, if it is something that gives us utmost pleasure we should keep creating things regardless.

It also gave me confidence that I am doing my best considering the time and resources that are at my disposal. Creating is always better than being good at it. Woody Allen says 'Ninety percent of success is just showing up' and thanks to the book that I am ready to do my ninety percent again and feel comfortable screaming from the rooftop 'My name is Rasika and I will always be a writer' ;-).

I would highly recommend this book to all aspiring writers, painters and any creative person in general. I give it 4/5.