Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Yes, this post is about the vampires. I am not talking about the sexy vampires called 'Cullens' from the movie 'Twilight' (however tempting it may be), I am here to talk about this mythical monster's real-life non-sexy counterpart - the emotional vampires. Odds are high that you have one of these demons lurking in the folds of your life. Emotional vampire is someone who zaps all your energy and makes you feel worse than you were feeling before.

There are many traits of vampires - narcissists, controllers, drama queens and victims.

Vampires complain about everything - studies, politics at work, family troubles, struggle finding a descent job, the boy/girl that they herself chose to marry. Vampires are going through perpetual problems as this is how they view life, even a paper cut is a big deal for them. They attract drama, create their own storms and cry when it rains. Vampires seldom listen to advices or take actions on their mistakes.

Be aware that vampires groom you setting you up to exploit you in whichever way best suits their purposes later. What seems quite innocent at first, such as finding a good friend, may lead you to compromise your ethics, morals and values against your will — maybe even breaking the law in due course. And because energy vampires are masters at avoiding responsibility, you could be the one who takes the blame when things go wrong.

Vampires are never happy even if good things happen to them. They never see the bright side of life no matter how much one tries to divert their attention at it but at the same time they never fail to notice the good happening in others lives. No need to mention that vampires always compare their own life with others and ask the question 'why me'. They feel that other people have lives that are much easier than theirs. They tag everything good that happens in people's lives as luck and if they are successful it is because of hard work. Victim consciousness defies logic.

They feed on your grief, loss or pain so for their lunchtime they want to talk about your worst phases, agony and sadness, once you vent they feel quenched. Misery loves company. Every interaction with them will make you feel drained, negative and sad, many times even low self esteemed as you will taunted on how you are simply lucky to have what you have.

Vampires have no empathy but just jealousy, comparison and disrespect for others. The vampire under any circumstances wants to prove that they are suffering more than anyone else in the world, they seek sympathy, attention. Saying that others are bad does not prove that you yourself are good, saying that others do not deserve things does not make you any worthy of them and downplaying other's pain does not prove that yours is bigger. They go through problems because they create them for themselves and dark is how they view life.

I must admit that it is extremely hard to cut the vampires out of your life completely, even though you know it is the wisest thing to do because you are so sucked into their world of worries that somehow you feel that you owe it to them.

Vampires do not add any value to your life, it is always debit from your emotional bank and never credit. The vampire stops being around you when you say 'buck up you sissy' and deny to be their crutch, they simply find new crutches who support them better. As they say - a friend in need is a friend indeed, for the vampires they are always in need. If you look around then everyone around you and including you is going through minor-major issues, but most are not drama queens filled with negativity, jealousy, comparison or the why me attitude. 

Most people think life is beautiful inspite of the problems. The sky, colors, relationships, nature, dancing, painting, reading, movies, creating, consuming, being able to live with two legs, two hands, functioning eyes and organs, still having hair on the head... everything is beautiful. Identify the vampires in your life and weed them out slowly because you will have no one to blame but yourself for any distress that the vampire will cause you, no one has put you in a prison and made you listen to them.

Whether it’s negativity, cruelty, jealousy, the victim syndrome, or just plain craziness, vampires drive your brain into a stressed-out state that should be avoided at all costs, I know it is hard to do that if they are your family members, colleagues or childhood friends. Vampires are affecting your physical, mental, emotional well-being in more ways than you understand. All I have to say is let go of the people who dull your shine, poison your spirit and bring you drama. Simply cancel your subscription to their issues.