Thursday, February 27, 2014

Respect Me!

She was a newly wed and I was at her in-law's house laughing and chatting. Her mother in law showed up in the room and told her that some elders had come to give her their blessings. After the MIL left the girl expressed her displeasure about the tradition of touching elder's feet and how she was having backache because of bending down so many times. I could see she was angry and had no interest in meeting the guests. Anyhow, she went out and acted like a perfect bahu (daughter in law).

Yes this post is about the Indian custom of touching feet of the elderly. They say it is the way of showing respect. So in the above example was there any respect? or simply a hassle/an act? Not bending down shows egoistic nature? disrespect? Does that mean everyone except Hindus disrespect the elderly?

I saw the brothers bowing down half way and touching the elder's feet with one hand, when I did the same the Mother got furious. Girls are supposed to bend down all the way and do pranam thrice. Why? Girls need to 'act' to be more respectful? 

I touched my grandmother's feet on every birthday - no one ever told me to do that, I did it by choice. I might have forgotten to do it on a few birthdays, who knows, but no one got mad about it or reminded me to do it including the Grandmother. 

I have seen people getting angry if the young ones did not touch their feet. This girl/boy does not have any sanskar (family values) they said. 

There were some elders who always stopped me from touching their feet and instead shook hands with me. I felt closer to them, opened up more and of course still respect them. Reason?
They didn't command respect! 

Old generations reading this post - The young generation might not touch your feet but they do show respect in their own way, youngest generation reading this post - young generation is smart enough to understand if you really respect them ;-)

Monday, February 24, 2014

... Education

When I was 10 I asked my mother 'how is a baby made?'. She told me I will know about it when I grow a little old. To think of it now, why was I perfectly fine with this explanation?

Sometimes the BFF's elder brother and his friends would be watching something on the TV which needed to be switched off as soon as they heard us. What were they watching? Neither any of my friends talked to me about this topic nor did I have the curiosity.

Today's generation is more curious by nature. All they need to do is ask Google "how is a baby made?". They have too many resources available. Is it good to have so much exposure to the good bad and the ugly information at such an early age?

Are today's parents worried about it? Why is it hard for parents to talk with their children about the very cause of our beautiful existence? Is there anything shameful about it? After all it is the reason we are here today, writing and reading this.

I am not sure why I did not put the very much required first word in the title...

Marathi movie 'Balak Palak' revolves around the topic of sex education to adolescent children. It could very well have been something awkward to watch but on the contrary it has a very gentle treatment and is simply hilarious. Definitely a must watch.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Facebook Woes

Last year on Facebook I hid the news feed from all those who posted:

 (i) what they made or ate for breakfast/ lunch/ dinner - I got hungry each time I saw such statuses.

 (ii) the ones who made it their children's growth diary - it is simply boring to see what people's kids are drawing or wearing.

 (iii) the ones who posted photos of their social gatherings - That made me feel lonely and in many cases unwanted as I was not invited ;-).

 (iv) people who made it their minute by minute diary - 'reached gym', 'at the airport' - I mean who gives a sh**

(v) and the ones who were acquaintances 

By the year end I was subscribed to just 5 people who posted their opinions - thoughts - information on various topics, whose statuses motivated me to exercise/eat healthy, be organized/creative or inspired me in some way.

I am not on Facebook anymore, as they say Ignorance is Bliss - it truly is. I feel lighter because of less information overload. 

While reading Facebook statuses I always had a feeling that I am the only one having problems while life is rosy for the rest. People generally tend to share only their happy moments on Facebook, we are deceived into believing that they are happier than they actually are. I also started to feel this urge for constant recognition of all my actions.
Not so good/tough times still continue in life but I do feel happier than before...!

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Almost Single

Almost Single - Advaita Kala

Women today are independent, they get married late, get separated/ divorced without having to be stuck in nasty marriages. They live alone and do not depend on any man to take care of them. Indian society is still not very accepting of the situation. Advaita in this book Almost Single writes a story about such three independent women. I loved the book, couldn't put it down, it is simply hilarious. I give it 3.5/5 stars.

Getting things done - David Allen

I always end up taking more projects than I can devote time for and so the need to read these type of books. Nothing new that we do not know about but reading these type of books keeps me on track. I give it 3/5 stars.

Eat that frog - Brian Tracy

This book is on the similar lines of Getting things done, I liked this one better. It talks about 21 ways to get more things done in less time. I give it 3.5/5 stars.

Become a better you - Joel Osteen

I have way too many self help audio books that I play while driving/ cleaning. Though the material in this book is very good don't read it if you are an atheist or agnostic. Not unless you can ignore the word 'God' that appears in every sentence (I am not exaggerating). I am not rating this book simply because it was not meant for me.

Sunday, February 02, 2014

Studio Ghibli Films

When I watch Studio Ghibli films I feel a strong sense of familiarity and at the same time experience a feeling of strangeness!

There are no heroes or villains in their films; it would be an overly simplistic theme for Ghibli.

Ghibli films are about witches, robots, war-torn wastelands, wonder, love and about simple everyday things. These films are brilliant work of creation.
How does one recommend a first Ghibli film? They are ALL so good. 

Except spirited away and the cat returns I am in awe of all their films.

Here is a list of some Ghibli Films that I liked:

1. Castle in the sky
2. Grave of Fireflies
3. My neighbor Totoro
4. Only Yesterday
5. Whisper of the Heart
6. My neighbors the Yamadas
7. Howl's moving castle
8. Arriety
9. From up on Poppy hill