Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Old insults and bitter contentions, simple life and tangled relations....

She enjoyed jobs, cars, food, carried off well her volatile mood. She was rich with all her basic needs met still fought over some old clay plate.

She shared all with her sibling - from books, politics, career to her latest fling. Such was their rapport that they forgot beauty of any propinquity is in being considerate.

Their dispute was over an old pinch, trivial was the reason, gain was zilch. Beautiful was the house, arguments were its pillars -  it's roofs were redone - disputes were its fillers.

She got a call, her sibling met with an accident on her way to the mall. She did not get a chance to express, not even to say that the old pinch was a mistake.

Who will win? Who will lose? Life will be gone - aloof and bruised. 

An aromatic affinity was lost without experiencing its scent, a beautiful kinship withered before it bloomed perfect. Her new mantra was to forgive and forget, still she will die with a huge regret.