Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Good TV shows

These TV shows are also available on Netflix instant watch.

1. Happy Valley - a little off the topic from the review - the women around me are scientists, doctors, leaders, engineers, homemakers and some really strong personalities like my mother's maid in India has a disabled husband and the way the maid supported him and brought up her kids on her own is outstanding. Fortunately or unfortunately I do not know a single woman who wears a bikini and dances on item songs around 1000 drunk men like the way shown in Bollywood films. May be those filmmakers have their mothers, sisters, wives, girlfriends, daughters in those kind of businesses so that's the way they portray women in their films. Anyhow, look at the way 'we' the women are shown in shows like Happy Valley - absolutely stunning.

2. Stories by Rabindranath Tagore - Tagore is the first (and the last?) Indian to receive Nobel prize in literature and you have got to read his books or watch this TV show to understand why. They are all convoluted stories with grey characters. I could not believe the way he has portrayed women in his stories, they are so rebellious and strong for that era. All the actors have done a fabulous job, I loved this show.

3. Stranger Things - I couldn't stop watching this science fiction and finished it in 2 days, there are just 6 episodes. Superb acting by all the kids in this mini-series (though it is not made for kids). I highly recommend that you watch it!