Monday, July 13, 2015

Life and Chess

I am not very clear about the term time... I don't know what it means still I spend a lot of it on playing chess. Every time I play chess I realize how similar it is to life. 

  • Chess is timed just like life. It is ruthless, very competitive and time management is extremely important.
  • Every move has (or should have) a purpose.
  • One needs to think before making a move but not so long that you lose all your time. 
  • Some play defensive but playing offensive is needed too. Risk takers are rewarded may be later in the game.
  • Thinking 3-4 moves ahead helps but what the opponent's move will be is always unpredictable unless you make/allure them to make a certain move... It's a trap! 
  • One may sacrifice some pieces or lose material in the trap, try to minimize your losses and move on.
  • Be less predictable: that is more interesting.
  • You don't have to be a swindler to win... you just have to be better.
  • We all blunder from time to time. This does not mean we should give up and run away. There is ALWAYS a lifeline.
  • Sometimes people make moves that we simply don't understand, don’t read too much between the lines. They are just silly moves – that’s all there is to it.
  • Always have plan B, plan C, plan D ready in your heads.
  • Play wisely, start well, how you begin matters!
  • If an opportunity (opening) appears, seize it immediately.
  • Make every effort to get into the game – ASAP.
  • It seldom goes the way you planned – adjust and continue.
  • Trade inferior material and positions for important ones, the King being your body, use all the other pieces to give the King happiness, wealth, comforts and mostly health & fitness.
  • Latent talent in ordinary people can become obvious after years of hard work and learning.
  • (If you do) Lose graciously and learn at least one lesson from it.
  • Draw is as good as a win and definitely better than a loss.
  • Take your time, but settle on one plan of action… and then do it!
  • Most important lesson chess teaches is you are given everything that one needs to win (even if you have sacrificed or lost a few pieces)... rather than thinking about what is gone make the most of what you have on the board. If you don't win then nothing but you yourself is to be blamed...!
I am on and my id is rasikamahabal. Do add me! Let's play and enjoy it!

Tuesday, July 07, 2015


I was born in an absolute filmy family where the Father carried Sadhana's (yesteryear actress) photo in his wallet (I think he still does), Brother1 constantly bombarded me with Amitabh Bachchan movies and dialogues while Brother2 covered all the walls and entire furniture of our shared room with Aishwarya Rai's photos.

It crossed all boundaries when the Mother started bribing lord Ganesh with 1/2 kg sweets every year and in return asked to bestow Madhuri Dixit with an award (this went on for years). She also fed me Stardust and Filmfare magazines since I was little. People who haven't seen many Hindi films or do not know about filmy gossip or dialogues will not understand half of the things me and my mother talk about.

There is no denying that I like films but I didn't understand the devotion for a star/actor/actress. I thought they are just freakin entertainers, they are not bringing any social changes, scientific advances or helping us understand the ultimate truth (the origin of universe). Well, definitely not until I saw His films. Today I revere Him, think about Him almost everyday, watch His films over and over again. I want to see Him when I am sad, depressed or happy. When He died I cried for three days and kept calling the Mother... who wasn't of much help as she herself was in complete distress. I am talking about the first (and the last according to me) Superstar - Rajesh Khanna.

The way I feel for RK is beyond my understanding specially considering I have no personal connection with him. (I still don't comprehend the craze for any other actor though... Humans are a society of hypocrites and I am just being human ;-) )

I highly recommend these Rajesh Khanna films if you haven't watched them already - Khamoshi, Safar, Anand, Aaradhana, Ittefaq, Kati Patang, Swarg.