Saturday, December 25, 2010

The diary of a social butterfly

I spend 30 minutes everyday writing a diary, ever since I remember. I still have all my diaries with me which were written since I was 16. It is absolute fun to read them now. They mainly talk about who said what, who was in love with whom, girl rivalries in college and all silly details including what I wore to college!

When I read diaries written 5 years ago or so I see a drastic difference, it is amazing to see yourself grow, your thoughts/ life getting matured. And to prove that all is documented!

I just loved the book 'the diary of a social butterfly' by Moni Mohsin, a pakistani writer. It is hilarious. She has used lot of urdu in the book, it is more of a chutneyfication of English language. The story revolves around a female character who has a habit of writing a diary, I could probably relate to the book completely because I know that people who write diaries can have utterly nonsense; mundane; gossip; as well as spicy secrets written in the diary.

What I didn't like about the book is - at the end it starts getting monotonous, the humor becomes predictable. It could have been better if it was shortened by a little.