Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Three Mistakes Of My Life

How many people in India can read English - ~50% of the population?
How many of them read English novels/ books - ~20% of the English reading population?
and finally how many of them have read the book '5 point someone'? Not more than 3% of the english novel reading population.

Chetan Bhagat - the writer of this book was declared as one of the '100 most influntial people in the world' by Time magazine (out of just 3-4 Indians who made it to the list in the US issue). The reason given in the magazine was India's biggest hit movie ever - 3 Idiots was 'loosely' based on '5 point someone'.
Well, then the director/writer of the movie is the most influential person. Since I am on this topic I would like to write about the director of 3 Idiots - Rajkumar Hirani - I love all his films, they are original, very Indian, he gives some kind of message in all his movies and most of all I love the female characters in all his films; they are so educated, intelligent, simple and decent... That makes them look beatific. Life me decency hona mangata na boss.

5 point someone is one of my favorite books. But what did Chetan Bhagat write after that? One night at call center - Most pathetic book of all times. Still I read it! That was my first mistake.

I didn't learn from my first mistake so I read '3 Mistakes of my Life' - Senseless book of the year! - This is my second mistake.

Its high time I learn from my mistakes and not commit the third mistake of my life
;-) but I am still going to read '2 states' - the latest book by him.

Yes, Hope is the only thing that keeps me going!