Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Three Mistakes Of My Life

How many people in India can read English - ~50% of the population?
How many of them read English novels/ books - ~20% of the English reading population?
and finally how many of them have read the book '5 point someone'? Not more than 3% of the english novel reading population.

Chetan Bhagat - the writer of this book was declared as one of the '100 most influntial people in the world' by Time magazine (out of just 3-4 Indians who made it to the list in the US issue). The reason given in the magazine was India's biggest hit movie ever - 3 Idiots was 'loosely' based on '5 point someone'.
Well, then the director/writer of the movie is the most influential person. Since I am on this topic I would like to write about the director of 3 Idiots - Rajkumar Hirani - I love all his films, they are original, very Indian, he gives some kind of message in all his movies and most of all I love the female characters in all his films; they are so educated, intelligent, simple and decent... That makes them look beatific. Life me decency hona mangata na boss.

5 point someone is one of my favorite books. But what did Chetan Bhagat write after that? One night at call center - Most pathetic book of all times. Still I read it! That was my first mistake.

I didn't learn from my first mistake so I read '3 Mistakes of my Life' - Senseless book of the year! - This is my second mistake.

Its high time I learn from my mistakes and not commit the third mistake of my life
;-) but I am still going to read '2 states' - the latest book by him.

Yes, Hope is the only thing that keeps me going!


Anonymous said...

Very Interesting!
Thank You!

SAGAR said...

Nice read.. You echoed my exact thoughts here. I loved 5 point someone too :). It is close to heart. I agree, Chetan has not written anything worthy after that. 5 point someone was easy, college days, hrs of slog, love, heartbreak, success, failures...How many people can relate? Thousands. The storyline was a best seller waiting to happen.

Sorry, if you didn't like me commenting on your blog.

Aniket said...

Nice blog. Just discovered it. Look forward to reading more.