Monday, April 20, 2015

Fed up!

All of the young people out there - when you are 60 years old what are the things you would want to have? What are your goals? What is your long term plan?

Money? Career? Family? Knowledge?

And what if at that age you have reached top position in the company, living in a multi-million dollar house, traveled the world, have a gorgeous family but guess what you do not have the most important thing that one would need to have? HEALTH - physical and mental both.

Is it your long term goal? Are you taking any action on it right now?

It is saddening to see that people don't spend any time on their health. Reason? They are too busy! They don't have time to exercise or to cook. Everyone gets 24 hours a day - nothing more nothing less. No one in the world is blessed enough to have a lot of time, seriously! So what makes some people focus on health and some not? Simple - Priority! and a long term plan for health.

Since I spend time exercising, eating healthy and home cooked food everyday am I in best of health shape? Nope! I do get sick now and then, catch colds/sinusitis, feel exhausted on some days and to add more to that I am 5 pounds overweight.

Does it also mean people who have Health as their long term goal are in best of the shape at 60? Not necessarily...

So why plan and spend time on it today that we very well could 'wisely' spend on watching TV or getting more promotions/money??? Well, you need to answer that question yourself.

Talking about weight issues I feel most of the overweight people deny that they are overweight or else accept to be overweight. One and only thing that we need to realize to get going is IT IS NOT OKAY TO BE OVERWEIGHT.

But is it just about weight? Because some people are thin outside and fat inside.

How about diet? It does not matter even if we have all the knowledge and awareness in the world about food and food products - it is all waste if we do not have common sense and control required to avoid junk food and actions.

It is hard, really hard to not be overweight. We are all surrounded by such amazing food choices, how are we supposed to not indulge in them? We also belong to a culture where parents concentrate more on a thin child than the overweight one, ours is a culture where overweight is considered healthy even if they are lethargic.

In earlier days human race faced two periods - a bountiful period and a famine. In today's times for all of us every single meal is bounty with no famine in sight. Does our body really need so much food?

Fed up is a must watch documentary that shows all the problems associated with obesity and sugar consumption. It absolutely changed the way I eat, may come true for you too.