Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Book Review: The Krishna Key - Ashwin Sanghi

Ashwin Sanghi writes thrillers based on Hindu mythology. He is called the Dan Brown of India. One of his book Chanakya's Chant won the most popular award 2010.

'The Krishna Key' has over-stretched explanations that drown you in religious jargon.

Ashwin goes on and on about the mystical Philosopher’s Stone. Is it here or may be there? leaving the reader feeling like a ball – bouncing around aimlessly. Drop it! Harry Potter found it already — it’s safe at Hogwarts! It is based on a vague and far fetched concept.

The book would have been much better if it was edited well.

I always felt like reading something Dan Brown style which is based on Hindu mythology. I must say I like Ashwin's style and I am going to read all his books!

Saturday, October 06, 2012

English Vinglish Movie Review

I went to Europe trip alone at a time in my life when I couldn't speak even one sentence of English properly.

Later on I understood that not being able to speak in English was a bigger problem for me in India than anywhere in Europe. Be it Germany, Switzerland or France people take pride in speaking their native languages unlike in India.

I always suffered from inferiority complex in big cities like Pune/Mumbai where people are taking pride speaking in English than speaking their mother tongue. After my Europe trip I stayed in London for a month to explore. Even though I was in birth place of English I did not feel intimidated and I felt accepted in my every interaction.

Of course later on I learnt English (it took me more time to learn than like Sridevi in the movie ;-)). I would have missed on so many good things in life otherwise; I live in the US, get to live this lifestyle, experience the amazing work culture here, enjoy Hollywood and International cinema (as the subtitles are in English) and last but not the least reading English Books which I enjoy immensely!

Well the movie English Vinglish touches the fact that living in India one may feel intimidated if
they don’t speak English. But it is not just about learning a language there is a lot more to the movie. This movie is absolutely beautiful, I cried in a movie after a long time but at the same time it made me feel really good, may be because I could totally relate to it. Sridevi is a natural! I loved the story, direction and acting. I give it 4/5 stars.