Monday, February 24, 2014

... Education

When I was 10 I asked my mother 'how is a baby made?'. She told me I will know about it when I grow a little old. To think of it now, why was I perfectly fine with this explanation?

Sometimes the BFF's elder brother and his friends would be watching something on the TV which needed to be switched off as soon as they heard us. What were they watching? Neither any of my friends talked to me about this topic nor did I have the curiosity.

Today's generation is more curious by nature. All they need to do is ask Google "how is a baby made?". They have too many resources available. Is it good to have so much exposure to the good bad and the ugly information at such an early age?

Are today's parents worried about it? Why is it hard for parents to talk with their children about the very cause of our beautiful existence? Is there anything shameful about it? After all it is the reason we are here today, writing and reading this.

I am not sure why I did not put the very much required first word in the title...

Marathi movie 'Balak Palak' revolves around the topic of sex education to adolescent children. It could very well have been something awkward to watch but on the contrary it has a very gentle treatment and is simply hilarious. Definitely a must watch.

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