Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Facebook Woes

Last year on Facebook I hid the news feed from all those who posted:

 (i) what they made or ate for breakfast/ lunch/ dinner - I got hungry each time I saw such statuses.

 (ii) the ones who made it their children's growth diary - it is simply boring to see what people's kids are drawing or wearing.

 (iii) the ones who posted photos of their social gatherings - That made me feel lonely and in many cases unwanted as I was not invited ;-).

 (iv) people who made it their minute by minute diary - 'reached gym', 'at the airport' - I mean who gives a sh**

(v) and the ones who were acquaintances 

By the year end I was subscribed to just 5 people who posted their opinions - thoughts - information on various topics, whose statuses motivated me to exercise/eat healthy, be organized/creative or inspired me in some way.

I am not on Facebook anymore, as they say Ignorance is Bliss - it truly is. I feel lighter because of less information overload. 

While reading Facebook statuses I always had a feeling that I am the only one having problems while life is rosy for the rest. People generally tend to share only their happy moments on Facebook, we are deceived into believing that they are happier than they actually are. I also started to feel this urge for constant recognition of all my actions.
Not so good/tough times still continue in life but I do feel happier than before...!

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Priyaranjan Anand Marathe said...

I read one book - "You are not a gadget". Loved the book. If you get a copy, please make it a point to read it.