Friday, January 10, 2014


I was born and brought up in a religious family and surrounding. I love the aroma and mellifluous bells in temples, I feel peaceful in temples with old architecture built on the banks of lake/river but I also feel a surge of vacuum in me when I see the devotees and their immense faith in deities, when I look at their boundless belief that they are in company of the creator and when get a glimpse at the magnitude of their emotions for the idols. I am sure it must be wonderful to experience this intense feeling called faith (in God); unfortunately I haven't experienced even an iota.

I feel out of place in temples.

It is not easy to say you don't believe in God in India. You could be a social outcast if you express it. I thought twice before publishing this post as well. One is emotionally blackmailed to be a part of prayers. 'Atrocious things will happen to you if you don't believe in God'. Can one develop or learn the beautiful feeling called faith by these scare tactics? It is extremely tough for a non believer to fake this pure emotion, it feels like disrespecting an angelic, sacred belief of someone.

Nobody knows who created the stars, planets, earth or life. Some claim that they know, good for them. If some entity created all this then who created that entity? What is the meaning and purpose of life on any planet? Many such questions perplex my mind and I am sure most of the atheists think about it. I disagree when people say atheists are egoists. Atheists do consider all possibilities, they are readers/thinkers too, they might have been believers themselves once.

One can try to find the answers through prayers, reading, visiting temples or meditation. Or someone might say I have this life and I am going to enjoy its beauty, neither do I have any question nor am I waiting for any answer. What is wrong with that?

Faith in this world is perfectly possible without having faith any other world. Do not force your thoughts on other people and specially your children, everyone is smart enough to think and decide, give them freedom to express their opinions. Consider their decision as much beautiful and pure as yours. Life is as much divine as a believer of nature. I hope people stop forcing their faith or skepticism onto others.

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