Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Once there lived a Rain

Before his arrival the sky looks angelic like a dome of plasma blue. Flowers, trees, leaves dance with the soft gentle breeze, birds chirp and then the expected drizzle comes our way. I hold my palms out to feel its gentle touch.

The company of this delightful rain feels like a newborn's aroma, soft touch and joyful presence. He keeps drizzling playfully, then commences the clamorous thunderstorms. He starts dashing as if he has conquered the whole world. Where does his cheerfulness and innocence vanish? He acts like a reckless teenager.

He erupts, floods and reaches cliff of a mountain. He is dazzled to see the radiant landscape in front of him, halcyon skies above and a deep valley underneath. Everything is suddenly crystal clear, he regrets for all the disruption and damage that he did on his way to the cliff. He sees many alike falling in the valley and the ones that follow him would end the same.

Did he unite with a river, meet the sea or was absorbed by the soil? Who knows! No one could find a trace as if he never existed... But before leaving he fulfilled his dream, even though just for a few seconds he did leave a ravishing rainbow...

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