Monday, January 20, 2014

Idiot Box: part 5

17. Dexter: A serial killer who kills other serial killers, I loved the concept but I could watch just one season of this show. I thought I will get numb to watching all these killings after few episodes but that did not happen. Of course I will recommend this show to everyone who is not as fainthearted as me.

18. The returned: Many religions promise reunion with our departed loved ones in an afterlife or the bodily resurrection of the dead themselves, what will happen if it comes true? Zombies are in fashion today but this show is different and definitely worth watching.

19.  Elementary: I adore Sherlock Holmes, a character that was created in 1887 by Doyle is still as much (or may be more) mesmerizing and fascinating. With changing times Sherlock's character has grown too.. he uses gadgets, internet and what not. I loved this show and all the actors in it.

20. The Blacklist: I do find Megan Boone a little irritating at times mostly because of her hair style which keeps poking her eyes and second because of her make up and dressing style which doesn't match the character she plays. She is slow and acts dull, hard to believe she is a FBI agent. I watch the show for James Spader, he is stunning. A good crime drama.

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