Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Idiot Box: Part 1

Once in a while few shows come along that change the paradigm of television. Sharing my favorite TV shows in this and next few posts

1. Black Mirror

If technology is a drug - and it does feel like a drug – then what, precisely, are its side effects?  This area between delight and discomfort is where the drama series Black Mirror is set.

The only way I can describe the series is ‘it is television at its best!’

2.      Forbrydelsen: (Danish series)

The story revolves around Detective Inspector Sarah Lund and her team solving a murder case. It has the best plot twists that I have seen so far in any of the thrillers. Acting by Sofie Gråbøl is absolutely stunning. The mystery in the series reached to a point when I just couldn't wait to know who the culprit was. Believe it or not I took half day at work and finished watching it at home! I highly recommend season 1. Season 2 and 3 were a dud.

3.      Game of Thrones: 
It is complex, multi-layered, surreal, vibrant and imaginative. Scenery, sets, special effects, story, costumes - everything is just fabulous.

Some authors need to keep on living forever for example Richard Dawkins. I pray that the writer of this book series George Martin lives for a long long time and creates stunning work in future also I hope to live long enough to enjoy all seasons and know who wins in this dirty game of thrones!

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