Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Nothing Something

How and why did it begin? Is there an end to it?  Was there space before the big bang? Or then big bang created the space? What exactly is space? Why is it there?
Is the universe open? Are there multiple universes?

What created life? Is there a creator? If yes then what created the creator? What is the purpose of life in the universe? Is there even a purpose? Did nature wanted to let out its secret and that is why humans evolved the way they did?

It is all perplexing.  I am sure most of you think about these questions. These sorts of questions bother me many times. I am not helping in any way to find the answers but some are - of course I am not talking about Gurus/Sadhus who say they know it all, I am talking about finding it scientifically.

I totally feel that humans have the capacity to find answers. It may take many years to get there. I have utmost respect for those who are making efforts in understanding the process of creation.

A Universe from Nothing: Why There Is Something Rather than Nothing 
 by Lawrence M Krauss is a must read book - brilliant and easy to understand. Does it have an answer to all the above questions? NO! but It shows that we are on the track and gives a summary of things we know today.

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