Monday, March 03, 2014


Many of you must have heard sentences from others 'You are the most X person I have met in my life'. X can be anything  - stupid, ugly, cold, emotional, wonderful, beautiful...

Does it matter to you what others opinions are about you? Be it good or bad? Or you are self confident about who you are and you take nothing personally?
If the comments are bad then do they impact you? Do you ignore it knowing the immaturity of the person?

We judge ourselves and mostly we judge everything and everyone around us. 
Since we are being judged we pretend to be what we are not because we are afraid of being rejected.So do we keep pretending? Or stay the way we are even if we are rejected? Believe in ourselves and gather the strength to feel positive even though seeds of words rot our fertile mind?

I have seen talented people who feel low self esteem/inferiority complex simply because of bullying/bad words at an early age by their friends-relatives-parents-siblings. 

When I weighed 171 pounds someone commented "Oh My God Rasika you look terribly FAT". This was coming from a person thrice my size. I found it hilarious but I did not retaliate. I knew her state of mind - happiness over other's misery comes with jealousy. 
I weigh 40 pounds lesser now while that person keeps growing. 

My point being we don't look in a mirror before we gossip/comment or pass judgement.
When people pass comments they are ignorant of their own miserable state. Also our success or failure depends on how we process and filter words. Our strength is shown by not throwing any swords of words.

Each of us draws a circle around ourselves and we think whatever is outside that circle is wrong/ not good/ not acceptable and then we try to domesticate others based on our perception of the world. Should we get domesticated or rebel? Rebel for freedom... to be true to ourselves... to be true to who we are...

You absolutely need to read the book 'The Four Agreements' if you feel low by words/gossip/judgement. Make your children read it too so that they know how to deal with words and also think twice before they use (s)words.


The Shaolin said...

Words are very powerful and it is very easy to inflict undying pain with seemingly innocuous comments.
I grew up with an ingrained culture that hurting someone with your words is no different than smacking them senseless with a bat! Unfortunately, increasingly that sentiment is lost on today's world ~~~sigh~~~.

Deepak Bedre said...

तुल्य निंदास्तुतिर्मौनी संतुष्टो येनकेन चित
निंदा स्तुती समान दृष्टिने पहावी
दीपक बेद्रे