Monday, March 10, 2014

March Book Reviews

Tu bhramat Aahasi Vaya (Marathi) - Va. Pu. Kale

Va. Pu. Kale is one of my most favorite writers. Each one of his book amazes me. 
I am in absolute awe of his work. Tu Bhramaat aahesi Waaya is one such astonishing book by Va. Pu.
I give it 4/5 stars.

Lava (Hindi) - Javed Akhtar

Knowing multiple languages is a boon. One can enjoy the literature/ movies and know the culture in a 
true sense. Lava is a Hindi-Urdu poetry book by Javed Akhtar.
I liked Akhtar's book Tarkash a lot more than this. Tarkash is also available in English (with name Quiver).

I absolutely recommend both books. I give Lava 4/5 and Tarkash 5/5.

Ayushya Bahartana (Marathi) - Pravin Davane

Sawar Re series is Davane's best work by far. He writes short articles on everything about life. Sometimes his thinking comes as too strong and too old for this generation.
If I ever meet him I want to tell him "Davane, take a chill pill" :-). But definitely a very good
writer - thought provoking and inspirational. I give Ayushya Baharatana 3/5 stars.

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