Monday, January 25, 2016

Avoid These People

1. The Gossiper

It definitely feels like a warm blanket when someone is curious to know about our wellbeing. It shows caring and love, it gives us a confirmation that we are not alone.

I am sure you like it when people ask you how you are doing and listen to what you have to say. But beware because some are just looking for information to provide it to someone else. It is not hard to recognize people with these villain-ish traits, they turn around the things you said into stupid gossip.
If someone is gossiping with you then be 100% sure that they are even gossiping about you.

2. People with negative attitude

They find trivial faults, incise old wounds, try to control your life, make you feel good for nothing through various comments and will make every move to make you feel sad. Avoid such people as it causes unnecessary negativity in life. Its tough when these people are in your family but if it bothers you then it is not impossible to stay away from these sort of relationships.

3. The Emotional Vampire

These are the people who suck the energy right out of us with their incessant complaining about their all-consuming problems and leave us completely drained.

There are people who are having just a bad day don't mistake them for an emotional vampire. This category of people consistently plays the victim and manipulates, they constantly complain about everything even as trivial as catching common cold. In contrast someone-in-need is going through a rough patch and your relationship is not built on her so called struggles. If you feel perpetually drained and negative rather than energized and boosted by your connection then set limits or pull away.

I think it is better to surround ourselves with people who are positive and who let us be ourselves. Should we dump people when they are struggling because they are unable to make us happy? Obviously not. But what do you do if this person is always dragging you down?

I recently found myself never sharing good things about my own life and changing the way I communicated and behaved in order to avoid upsetting my always complaining friend. I had compromised my true self around her and I knew I had to pull back.

4. Tit for tat category

The tit for tat category do not give any benefit of doubt and assume every single and silly act was done on purpose and take silly revenges. If you don't attend their birthday party because you were sick then on your birthday they will go out of their way to not wish you. Sometimes it is hard to even understand that you actually did a tit until you receive a tat! Why have these type of childish relationships unless of course if you are in middle school!

5. The no reciprocation category

There are a lot of people whom I find extremely interesting and try to connect with them but they never reciprocate. If they are meeting hundred other people and giving you an excuse that they are very busy to find time for you then don't waste your energy and emotions over them. Try a few times but then let go, relationships can not be forced.

I wish it was easier to identify toxic people right away. If it feels wrong in our gut then it is probably not a productive relationship. What are your warning signs?

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Nitin Ware said...

As most of the people falls in either of these 5 categories, I must say that we are left with very few choices. And again we get labelled unfriendly/introvert by the very same people for avoiding them. But least we should care about what they think about us, as they hold only nuisance value to us.