Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Missing Magicians

One of my cousin is an absolutely amazing painter. She does magic with colors. Her profession? - she works at a PR firm and hardly ever takes a brush in her hand. And then there are people like me who do ten paintings and then get one apple right.

A lot of people who have immense amount of talent for something lack the drive to do it and people like me lack any sort of talent but the only thing that keeps them going is the passion.

Very few people have the combination of innate skill and passion to do the same. Those become Sachin Tendulkars.

Do majority of the people that we see around us be it painters, actors or IT professionals are the ones who merely happen to have the interest in the field of their working whose drive kept them going? and the real expertise of painting/ acting/ programming are actually hidden somewhere and just does not have the thrill about the field (other reasons affect of course like financial aspects).

Should one satiate their aptitude or their curiosities?

Good will hunting happens to be one of my favorite films -  Story of a genius mathematician who lacks the stimulus to accept any job offers in that field (I won't mention the reason in case you haven't watched the movie).

How would the world be if everyone of us realized our actual gifts and had the inclination towards working in the same area?

Are we missing those magicians who would turn around the world of science/arts because they never realized the magical powers that they have or then had no liking for the spells that they know...?

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Priyaranjan Anand Marathe said...

Wow. I got to read this blog post so fresh. Like fresh roti. :).

Good one.

I think creativity will be shown in any part of the job you do. If you are a writer then there are lots of chances that the emails you write will be elegant. I think thought most of us don't work on what they love, we optimize in what we do to suit our best talents.