Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The ‘Meaty’ story

She was more than a friend to me, she was the elder sister I never had. I was immensely attached to her emotionally. When she was in pain I felt the pain too. I cared a lot for her. We talked about everything under the sky. I loved her talkative, bubbly nature. Admired the courage and strength with which she fought the misfortunes in her life. Adored her quality to smile and joke around even when in pain. We had a lot of common interests and one difference. I thought that my relationship with her has much more substance to it than the petty difference. But I was wrong.

She stopped inviting or mingling with me... reason? I am a vegetarian. 
What happened after that is a history but that made me think can the relationships we build in our lives be affected by food choice? Veg and non veg both have equal pros and cons. As long as we do not feel any sort of stigma, guilt or pressure in what we consume and also enjoy each bite thoroughly it shouldn’t really matter.

So tell me do you select friends, foes, colleagues, partners based on what they put in their own bodies?   

I think more than what people eat it has to do with the attitude that we have towards the other faculty. Why should one feel conscious to say they are vegetarian and why should anyone contrite for eating meat? In my observation both streams have an opinion of the other.

A non-vegetarian’s perspective - You are arid, traditional and bound by religious fetters. You are uncool and we are broad minded. You miss on this great thing in life while we get to explore the culinary gratification.

My take on it:  We can not have, learn or enjoy everything that the world has to offer. When we make a choice we are always missing on the other. A lot of vegetarians are grossed out by the idea of eating flesh of the other animal and are not conservative or non-interesting.

A vegetarian’s opinion
- You are barbaric; cruel, we are humane and compassionate. Humans are not made to eat meat, it is not digested for days and rots in the stomach.

My take on it: There are lot of good nutrients in meat/fish which are absent in most of the vegetarian options. Not eating meat is neither Holier nor morally superior. Think about it... if everyone starts eating plants then can the planet Earth produce and feed us all? No!

They are just food choices and none of them is better than the other and it should definitely not be a factor in deciding who gets invited to your daughter’s birthday party!

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Priyaranjan Anand Marathe said...

Try to reason out with a Jain fellow. And even when I am a vegie they will have their own fundes.