Monday, December 03, 2012

Women and their weight loss tamasha by Rujuta Diwekar

When I was little my father told me your stomach can digest only small quantity of food at a time (quantity as big as your fist). So eat less but frequently. I did exactly that. Now that I am in the US and cook my own food I understand the kind of hassle my mother went through to make those many snack items for me. I eat after every 2 to 3 hours and never follow any other dieting fads at all (like cabbage soup diet, not eating sugar or certain type of foods etc). When I look at other people getting thinner and so called fitter with these type of diets I get confused, am I eating too often? Am I silly to not follow something that I see is working for others?

Fresh home cooked food every day is always very high in my priority list. It takes a lot of planning and organization skills to do that. People who do that are 'undercover cooks' as this does not go anywhere on their performance reviews or seen as an achievement at the end of the year. This is the age of instant/ ready to cook/ fast food. I am muddled at times thinking why should I spend so much time on planning and cooking my meals and not opt for the ready made option? I must be stupid to do that....

I try to exercise everyday for 30 to 45 minutes never more than that. When I see people working out for 2 hours a day I feel how is my 45 minutes going to help me in losing weight?

For all my confusions the only answer is Rujuta Diwekar. Her books give me the confidence that I am on a track that can actually work. There is no point in eating sugar free ice creams if you end up eating 3 at a time. Eat the non sugar free ice cream, just turn off all the surrounding sounds while you eat and listen to your stomach because it might be screaming after the 10th byte that I am full. Her books motivate me, give me tips on improvement, reassure my faith in not having faith on the crash diet plans, encourage me to spend time in making meals and not going overboard with the exercise regime.

This book is specially meant for women and their weight issues at different phases of their lives. Teen/ single/ married/ pregnant/ post delivery/ with kids/ thyroid/ fibroids/ menopause - solution on weight gain in every phase and every problem is covered in the book. I am no exception to being a tamasha queen when it comes to the matters of weight and weight loss. So I could relate to the tamasha examples she writes about and found it super funny. I loved the book.

(Rujuta Diwekar is the dietician/ nutrition instructor of many film personalities)


Diljeet Singh said...

Your views reinforce the faith of common people like me in the simple umcomplicated ways sugested by Rujuta.Thanks for sharing.

Tia said...

I felt the same Rasika :) Thank you and thanks to Rujuta.

sindhu naropanth said...

nice one. Rujuta is just amazing. When you read her books not only do you realise that she s a nutritionist but she also counsels on having a pratically happy life and how it influences on ones health. Everytime i have a bad argument at office I remember what she writes "the body doesnt understand deadlines, fights, break ups and so on". giving this a thought really helps me to stop stress eating and indulge in chocolates/sweets just to comfort me.
She also talk about how weighing scales dont matter as long as you have stamina and strength. I am a swimmer and was a state swimmer as a kid. Although even now I swim 2 kms in 45 mins with a perfection in all 4 strokes, I am still huge and weight high. But it does nt bother me anymore. Thanks Rujuta. I always converse with you mentally when i trouble. You are my god. Wish I could meet you.

shilpa said...

Yes Rasika, same applies to me as well. Until I read her both books, I had tried all other diets and gyms (specially for women without weight training-which is really an abuse), but all in vain. And then I grabbed her books, followed the principles. Now, m seriously following the diet that she designed for me (I was lucky enough to get enrolled for her PAYL day) and exercising regularly. I never feel starved or hungry (which I would feel even after meal). Rather I feel very much enthusiastic and energetic and more important I feel positive. Rujuta has taught me to be positive and that makes me feel light. Thanks Rujuta :).

shilpa said...
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shilpa said...
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Manali said...

Hi Rasika,
Nice blog you have there :) I am a big fan of rujuta's philosophy and try to live up to that. I too happened to live in Seattle and would love to meet you :)
Btw I write a food blog. You can visit me at


Anonymous said...

I landed here with a Google search. I too read Rujuta's books and have been religiously following her advice. Expect that I tend to check my weight often and this is bringing me grief. I first shed a kilo but seem to have regained it now. I feel more energetic, healthy, etc but this weight gain is troubling me. Any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

I'm going to begin following you on Facebook.

Anonymous said...

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