Saturday, July 27, 2019

The world of blogging

I have been writing a diary ever since I remember, even before the blogging world. It was simply my way of venting out my thoughts (and opinions). One day in 2006 I started blogging. This was my first post. I didn't have any expectations or any agenda from this activity. 

Then sometime in 2015 I started clicking pictures of my outfits every now and then and posted them on a new blog that I named as lifestyleandallthatjazz - basically about life, style, lifestyle, and everything under the Sun. 

When it comes to blogging I want to stay away from the herd mentality of gaining followers or having numerous comments and whatnot. Every blog has an aim and reason for its existence. Mine just happens to be for personal satisfaction & personal expression. 

The idea of my blogs is to show some creativity with clothes and again to express myself. Be myself. Be honest and voice my opinions. Yes, I am an opinionated person, just like every other person I have an opinion on books, movies, art, god, religion, war, pollution, population, diet, exercise, equality, and everything. While doing that I may have made a connection with a few, or offended a few. Who knows? I am just following my own rhythm. I appreciate you all coming out here and being part of maniacal world of my opinions but don't forget that everything I write here is only an opinion about stuff be it Food, Fitness, Films, Fashion, Family, Friends or F-ilosophy! and I do not expect you to agree with anything that I express. 

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