Thursday, December 07, 2006

I wanted to be

Everybody wants to be something in life, which they dream about since they are 4/5 years of age.

First person whose profession I liked was my teacher in nursery and then I wanted to be a teacher.
For a few days I tried to gather small children in the colony and taught them mathematics.
But teaching requires lot of talking and I don’t like to talk much.
(I still feel that I should start taking mathematics tuitions, hmmm may be when I am retired)
I was wondering what I can be now and…

Sometime when I was 6/7 my mother enrolled me in a music class. I won first prize in lot of singing competitions and people thought my voice was mellifluous (You will doubt it if you listen to my songs now!). Suddenly my plans changed, I wanted to be a singer.
But, I had tonsil problem so doctor told me to stop singing (as I had reached a stage where I had to sing lot of difficult ‘ragas’) or then have an operation, I opted for the first choice to leave singing.
I don’t regret my decision as tonsils are a vital part of your body with important functions, so removing might have caused other problems.
(I am a bathroom singer now)

I was wondering what I can be now and…

On ‘Durdarshan’ I used to watch news and imitate the readers. It eventually became my pastime to read entire textbooks with news reader’s style. I was fascinated with news readers (now I wonder why) so I wanted to be a news reader.
But somebody told me that it is not just reading it in an approved manner, you will have to take training to be a news reader and worst of all stay in Mumbai. That means it was not as easy as I was thinking it to be.
(I watch news everyday but don’t imitate readers anymore)
I was wondering what I can be now and…

In school I scored out of marks in biology and then everybody suggested me that I can be a doctor.
I had decided to be a doctor but who knew that it is not just studying biology, it also involved dissection!
After completing first frog dissection in the lab I threw up and changed my mind saying ‘its gross’.
(I still read lot of biology stuff)
I was wondering what I can be now and…

I enjoyed playing with colors. After learning charcoal/ glass/ fabric/ nib painting (basically everything except wall painting) I wanted to be a painter.
After creating many paintings I fell in love with all of them, they were all my babies, I thought after putting so much of effort how could I sell them just to earn money?
(I still paint for my own pleasure and make frames to put on the walls of my own house).
I was wondering what I can be now and…

I am an avid reader. I thought I also do have certain ideas/ stories in my mind so why not become a writer?
I tried to do it too but failed to write more than a few poems and stories.
(I continue to write my diary and blog)
I was wondering what I can be now and…

In college I started going to beauty parlors. Saw some fashionable lady owners, saw them making lot of money for trivial things and decided to be a beautician.
I did a beautician course but my parents disapproved my idea to open a beauty parlor.
(I continue experimenting on my own face)
I was wondering what I can be now and…

I saw Manish Malhotra’s dress creations and thought yes even I have creativity and a good sense of colors, joined fashion designing institute.
Ok, so if you want to be a fashion designer you have to know stitching also, that’s a rule, they start with stitching lessons first.
I learnt to stitch dresses, it was a time consuming job.
Stitching for a few days caused too much of a back pain.
(I continue to design my own dresses)
And again I was wondering what I can be now and…

One of my friends forced me to join astrology classes. I learnt it for 2 years and got a medal, but how much at the most can you charge a person for reading one horoscope.
Also, I thought it is something which should be done free of charge to help others make important decisions.
(I still read horoscopes)
I was wondering what I can be now and…

Malleshwari - first woman ever from India to make it in Olympics as a ‘woman weight lifter’ - yes you guessed it right; I wanted to be the second one. I started taking steps towards my new dream under a very good trainer. I was planning to take part in University weight lifting competitions. But something had to happen.
My doctor ‘bhabhi’ (sister in law) dissuaded me from doing it saying lifting such heavy weights is not good for a female body.
(Once in a week I do weight lifting in gym)
I was wondering what I can be now and…

I was thinking to become a chess player but after loosing in college semi finals I decided to be a dancer.
I performed in a group dance in college. All boys started whistling after my entry and I got scared, forgot my first step itself.
I was a ladies cricket team captain in college so I said why not try in Indian ladies cricket team. My skin tanned when I started practicing more. I know that’s an absurd reason but it tanned to a degree where I started worrying. I tried my hands at some other sports too like badminton but could not make it.
(I continue playing chess and badminton with friends, dance a lot in clubs and also I am planning to participate in Microsoft ladies cricket matches next year)
I was wondering what I can be now and…

In college people gave me compliments about my good looks that kind of changed my mood, now I wanted to be a model.
I took training in acting and modeling from one of the very well known institutes.
Well, I am not Howard Roark but I do have certain principles in life. When I realized people in this field have no principles and just to enter here they are ready to compromise on anything and everything, I changed my line.
(I am not sure if I would like to give it a try again)
I was wondering what I can be now and…

Well by now you must be wondering so finally what do I do…

I had very little time to study being so active in all these other activities specified above. Still in spare time I studied computers. One of the very good software companies in India was hiring. Out of hundred candidates who appeared for the interview (or should I say rounds of grilling interviews) only 3 got the job, yes I was one of them.
Finally I landed somewhere. Now- a -days 3 out of 5 people are software engineers and so am I! I am not doing anything unique or different. But I believe if I could not make it in any other career and made it here despite of tough competition that means this is what was written in my destiny.

At times I feel I should have put in all my efforts in excelling just one thing, but on the other side I feel nice that I could experience so many things in just one life.


Sumod said...

Being a software engineer may actually make it possible for one to do all these roles you have mentioned. Not in reality, I agree, but in virtual reality or in the world of software. I mean, a good software engineer can write programs for math tuition, allow people to design their own clothes, create music, record news and post blogs, learn biology and dissection without even touching a frog etc. etc. In fact, with computers you create your own world.

Unknown said...

I liked the view about software engineering but being phisically involving in a process and virtualy involving makes a huge difference.

Anonymous said...


These are a lot of achivements in such short time.. more than anything.. If you don't try it, you will never know what your good at.. At least now you know, to a certain extent, what your potential lies in and can excel in that..

Been there done that.. I have tried almost everything I wanted to.. Even went skydiving.. at the end of the day.. to someone my job might seem crazy.. but what I am doing now makes me happy.. and that is what matters.. I am learning everyday..

different said...

Hello Rasika,
I liked the above whole experience and it also reminded me of all the different things what i was intgerested in doing and finally landed up in IT industry. But its' not the end as I can't stop dreaming....

Well few lines for the above story...

ye kare.n yaa vo kare.n aisaa kare.n vaisaa kare.n
zindagii do din kii hai do din me.n ham kyaa kyaa kare.n

jii me.n aataa hai ki de.n parde se parde kaa javaab
ham se vo pardaa kare.n duniyaa se ham pardaa kare.n

sun rahaa huu.N kuchh luTere aa gaye hai.n shahar me.n
aap jaldii band apane ghar kaa daravaazaa kare.n

is puraanii bevafaa duniyaa kaa ronaa kab talak
aa_iiye mil-jhul ke ik duniyaa na_ii paidaa kare.n

Parag Salasakar said...

Huh, what should I say, Jack of all or Master of Some? :)Kidding.
May be we should play chess/cricket someday :), or I should share some of photographs I have captured in last 10 yrs, they say painters and photographers think alike (really?)!

Parag Salasakar said...

and that pleasently (?) reminds me ,how confused I was at different times when I had opportunities to select chess / swimming/ photography / air-focre as a profession but finally landed up as soft engg :)