Saturday, August 25, 2018


What exactly is success? Money? Fame? Career? Peace of mind?
When someone says 'oh you are so successful', what does it really mean? Can't success mean different things for every individual. What someone defines as our success can very well be reflecting their own aspiration and/or dream. For you it might not mean as much as it would to the spectator of your life. So when someone says 'you are successful' it is their perception of our life and its stages.
When someone has reached a high level position at work A might say that that someone is so successful but might think that that someone is compromising on his health, family and mental peace which B has the luxury for, so he perceives that he might not be at a high level position but he is more successful than that someone. I think you get the gist.
And when one asks themselves 'am I successful?', would the answer ever be a 'yes'? If we are truly on the quest to be our best, then would we ever label any stage of our life as 'success'?  I have come to believe that success is a mirage, an illusion which doesn't actually exist.

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nitin ware said...

Well written thoughts on success, here are my two cents.
If you ask me, than success is something which changes as per aspirations. For a college dropout success is mere passing out the college, for a fresher getting a job is success, for businessmen meeting targets is success. Once an aspiration/success is within the grasp, then the person starts setting new goals/aspirations for success. So basically the quest of success is never ending. A person who has achieved every heights in his/her business may still think that the success is not complete, if he/she does not find a proper successor to carry forward the legacy and may fell unsuccessful considering the future uncertainty of the success which he/she has achieved. So I agree to what you mentioned at the end, that success is a mirage/illusion which doesn't actually exist.