Friday, October 23, 2015

Physics of the impossible

Adjoining is a picture taken by Hubble  telescope. It shows thousands of galaxies that surround us. Each one having thousands of stars and planets. There is a high probability that there is life somewhere in those 100+ billion galaxies. Since Earth is a newborn compared to other galaxies it is possible that the life existing there is much more advanced. Would it ever be possible to contact them?

Ever wonder what will happen when our Sun dies killing everything surrounding it and leaving the beautiful intelligent life that resides in this galaxy go extinct? Unless of course we kill each other before the Sun does in a dispute over the name of 'The Creator', in that case we can't blame it on the Sun.

There were so many things tagged as impossible a century ago, such as man on moon. There are many we still tag as impossible such as invisibility, space travel, teletransportation. Ironically the word impossible itself says i am possible ;-).

The famous theoretical  physicist Michio Kaku talks about these impossible things in his book 'Physics of the impossible' and how far scientists are in cracking the code.

Do you think a billion years from now humans will be hopping from planet to planet, populating (and polluting) everywhere around? One can only wonder or then read what these brilliant minds have to say!

I liked the book and am planning to read all books by Kaku. Will keep you posted ;-)


The Shaolin said...

Well, then you might find this PBS SpaceTime's video interesting: Why Haven't We Found Alien Life?
Also I somewhat believe in...
The surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that it has never tried to contact us.
If the probability of some intelligent life form existing somewhere else is non-zero, then, by definition we might NOT be THE smartest life-form in the universe (which, BTW, I already believe, even without theorizing about existence of alien life :-P)!

There's no chance, I mean absolutely no chance that mankind will outlive Sun! Humans will annihilate each other and every living form from on the face of earth before any of the human descendants would see the Sun extinguish. I'm bullishly optimistic about that :-)

I have seen a few videos by Michio Kaku, nice talks, haven't read any of his books, though.
Looking forward to stealing some books from your shelf as and when you post reviews.

Rasika Mahabal said...

Are you on Goodreads?