Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Sun's Heartbeat

One fine day something happened out of nowhere. That something created everything, it is the reason why we exist. I am talking about the big bang.

Was there space before the big bang happened? Or it created the space? What existed before it happened? If it happened here then did it happen somewhere else too? Is the theory of multiverse true?

Some questions bother me every single day like why is there something rather than nothing? how does it make a difference because there is something? What if none of it happened or existed ever? Did it exist at one point of time and then something went wrong, everything collapsed and then the big bang happened again? 

My biggest pain and worry is I will die without ever getting answers to these questions, I think all of us will. I wish I had some simple questions. As you can see I never get questions about my own life... Why do I exist? What is the goal of my life? Am I making any difference? I am more than convinced about the futility of existence in general ;-)

I think things are more frustrating as the humans have the so called 'intelligence' factor, so they want to have a purpose to everything. It is beyond us why would there be something without any goal, aim, purpose or ambition. Also it bothers us that there is creation that has no creator, so we want to believe in a creator. Well, that fixes us in an endless loop of what created a creator with conscious?

Would there ever be a time when scientists will get closer to the truth? May be a billion years from now?

Would humans even live that long to find out? What will happen to the human race once the Sun dies? Obviously it will die one day, just like all the other stars do. Our hearts beat because the Sun's heartbeat is still intact.  May be we will die before the Sun does, because of global warming, wars, population, pollution or may be an asteroid hits the Earth.

Is there anyone living far away who evolved like we did? And what is the probability that they also figured out the radio frequencies, space travel and what not? Would the future 'aliens' ever know that there once lived a Sun that gave birth to such stupendous life forms who invented such extra ordinary things like the social media    :-) Or the knowledge of all our inventions will die with us?

I have reviewed a lot of books on this blog, probably more than a hundred. If I had to recommend just 5 out of all of them then 'The Sun's Heartbeat' would definitely be one of them. The book is about everything one would want to know about our life giver. Author's sense of humor makes it an excellent read.

I have expressed this many times before that reading books related to science (not just textbooks) makes one realize the pettiness of religions, wars and all that crap. I won't rate this book as it goes beyond anything as petty as rating. 

Kudos to Bob Berman!

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