Saturday, May 24, 2014

Idiot Box : Part 7

Last week tonight with John Oliver -
I do see a few talk shows now and then like 'The daily show with John Stewart' or the 'Colbert Report' but John Oliver is the best of all. It is Oliver's satirical take on the current happenings. I give it 5/5.

True Detective -

I was totally completely absolutely impressed by the dialogues, story and music. Finale was a little bit let down but worth to watch this show for those first 7 good episodes.
I give it 4/5.

Cosmos -

 It needs skill to express or write ones feelings in exact words. I don't know what to say about this brilliant series except the fact that I cried after watching each episode just by looking at the vastness of the cosmos and the futility of life. Kudos to the makers! I give it 100/10. A must watch show for people from all ages. I watched it on Fox channel but I think all episodes are available here -

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