Saturday, February 09, 2008

The Sea Inside

"Life is a right, not an obligation."
What were you before you were born and where will you be when you die?What exactly death means? Does death mean freedom?
What is the use of everything that we do in life if we are eventually going to die?
Really, what is the meaning of existence?

No, the movie is not about all this but it made me think about all these questions.
The movie is about Romano who can not move his body because of an accident. He has been a quadriplegic for 28 years. People still love him, care for him and their life revolves around him. But Romano wants to die because he is completely dependent on people for everything. But the law doesn’t allow him to kill himself.
Suicide is a crime but can euthanasia be?
Particularly can it be a crime in this scenario? But then who will decide which situation could be suitable for 'legal suicide'. Why aren’t people allowed to die at their own will? Why should they suffer rather than dying?
Not moving a single body part for 28 years! isn't it worst than death? Will actual death be freedom for Romano? But then there are so many people who have similar problem. Example that I can think of right now is Stephen Hawking who is in a similar situation…
I don't k now… I am still thinking about all this for 2 days… but could not reach any conclusion and probably won't even be able to.
Though Romano could not move himself, he had the uncanny ability to move others. A truly joyous experience, The Sea Inside celebrates the nature of freedom and love, and the mystery and beauty of life.


karyzma said...

cool, i shall watch this movie :)
have you watched - before sunrise, and after sunset .. not at all related to this one, but lots of hyper philosophical badbad ;)

Rani Sowmya said...

Yes dear, life is a right for those who want to exercise it. Did you read Metamorphosis by Kafka? He had an interesting way of presenting alienation and misery into dry wit.