Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Feb 2012 - Book Reviews

Rediscovering Dharavi by Kalpana Sharma
I wanted to read about the biggest slum in Asia - Dharavi, This book answered all my questions like:
how it was formed
what existed here before the slum development
what do the people in this slum do
what is the state of Maharashtra doing about it
Good book (but it gets a little repetitive at the end)

The housekeeper and the professor - Yoko Ogawa

Very sweet book, probably I could relate to it instantly as my father has the same condition as the professor in the book who doesn't remember anything after a certain year in life; not even if he had lunch a few minutes ago.
The author has beautifully handled the relationship between the professor and his housekeeper. A person who doesn't remember a thing can he be able to form relationships? Are relationships based on memories? on past? or what happens at this moment and is any sort of beautiful bond between two people beyond memory?
Nice read.

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