Saturday, April 03, 2021

The Varieties of scientific experience

Book Review -

The Varieties of scientific experience: A personal view for the search for God - Carl Sagan

***Disclaimer - Strong opinions - ignore if you disagree... as simple as that

When I look around me I feel in awe of this advanced world. There is so much intelligence around, I feel honored to even coexist the Earth with people like Elon Musk, and then I see the overzealous, religious fools who believe in very many things, and I wonder, how can that be? How can a bunch has an evolved intellect and a bunch doesn't. Why do a bunch of people follow the thousand-year-old traditions/scriptures/customs/rituals/gods and superstitions without ever questioning why...

It is quite perplexing.

How can a part of the world believe that Brahma is the creator of the world and then there is a god with an elephant head... and the rest of the world has no clue about these so-called creators... if they are gods then how come they didn't make themselves be known everywhere around?

Our toes, thumbs, eyes everything is a result of evolution... so how can the deities that people worship look like us? If people can believe that God created everything... and when asked what created god their answer is god doesn't need a creator... if they can believe this then why can't they digest the idea that the universe created itself... it didn't need a creator. How can people believe that there is an entity that created everything and also answers to prayers...

Did God create man? I think it is the other way created God.

Very good arguments by Carl Sagan in this book, still better books are available on this topic... like the God Delusion and for that matter all books by Richard Dawkins.

Saturday, March 06, 2021


At all times, I think about life, in moderate amounts :-). Topic on my mind today is Karma.

There are so many people in this world who are supremely talented and hardworking but never really see the fruits of their efforts. And on the other hand there are some who are not talented nor hardworking but are successful and rich and are celebrated by everyone.

There are supremely amazing, nice-at-heart people who meet with tragedies and there are toxic people whose only job is to add stress to others' lives - they live happily ever after.
There are evil, bad people around the world who are roaming free.

I wouldn't say life is unfair, but it is quite random. There is often no logical explanation for how things turn out. I often look for logic and ponder over the concept of karma to explain life. But every time I reach the same conclusion - Karma is a flop concept.

Saturday, February 27, 2021

Assess your relationships...

Assess your relationships from time to time.

Stepping on each other’s toes?  Frequently unhappy?  More and more conversations leaving a bad taste in your mouth?  Take a step back and try to be objective.

Ask yourself, Am I getting something valuable out of this relationship? Is there give and take? Am I being listened to? Do my thoughts and feelings count? Do I take the lead at least half the time? Is there an initiative from the other side - to meet, to connect, to talk? Am I respected in this relationship? Am I an equal in this relationship? Am I being taken for granted? Do I get to make my own decisions about personal things that affect no one else? Do I feel supported and affirmed by the other person?

Answer the above questions honestly. Be willing to look at the truth.

Some relationships add value, some are neutral, and some only add drama/ stress/ negativity/ toxicity/ criticism. Life is too short and too beautiful to spend it around negativity, the world is full of beauty, amazing things to do and superb people, no need to be around toxicity. Happiness is a choice and no one can make it for you, you yourself have to do it.

Do you feel you could’ve stopped some people from manipulating you sooner? Did you badly want to believe they were good?  If the truth is undesirable, that’s okay. That’s what we humans do – we make mistakes.

You can always change course and begin to work on reclaiming your happiness.

Friday, February 19, 2021

New video - My recommendations of Mystery TV shows


Saturday, January 16, 2021

Male Chauvinism

A friend asked me yesterday 'do you hate men?'.

I said I don't. In fact, it is quite the opposite. I love men. They are quite a fascinating species, I am a straight person so I have spent innumerable hours thinking about them. I don't hate men. But I hate male chauvinism. And it is not just the men who are male chauvinists, many women are male chauvinists too (out of choice/ignorance), they think women are the weaker species and have to stick to duties of the gender roles, be subservient, obedient and sacrificing goddesses.

Men who are male chauvinists are idiots. Women who are male chauvinists are beyond idiots, they are the dumbest creatures I have ever met.

Monday, January 11, 2021

The Stubborn One


Do you follow your conviction even if no one agreed with you? Do you have it in you to row against the ride?

If and when I am in a dilemma about life choices I ask my father's opinion - not because he is the man of the house but because he is the wisest man I have ever met. He always tells me the same thing 'ask as many as you want, hear to what they have to say but always do what your head says' - he never ever - even once - said you need to do what the elders or the experienced or the people with (so-called) authority tell you to do.

I was never told to follow

a. Customs - for example, I don't like touching people's feet (Indian custom) - I don't do it,
b. Rituals -  I am an atheist born to fervent believers, my dad never ever asked me to be part of a puja or tried to emotionally blackmail me into visiting temples or read scriptures,
c. Social etiquette - till today my mother asks me 'so and so are coming home - do you want to meet them? if not then go out and enjoy yourself with your friends'.

I am by all means brought up with freedom of choice. And what is interesting is many women around me are brought up the exact same way. This is how today's parents are... and this is how today's daughters are brought up. And when I saw the world outside, it was a shock for me, because that is not how women are expected to be, they are expected to be obedient.

Ladies today don't let anyone walk all over them, they know what they want and what they don't want to do with their own life, they do not give in to people's idiotic expectations and nonsense objections. These kinds of women are then termed as stubborn. There are people who expect that women will behave in a certain, follow gender roles.
Anyhoo, so out of freedom of choice I had to develop an ability to analyze a situation purely on instinct and logic, without getting influenced by external factors or others' opinions. And in all honesty, it is hard to follow what your head says, because many feel they will hurt people in the process, also many feel afraid to take ownership if their decision fails.

I am fascinated by strong-willed/ and so-called stubborn people. Those who have clarity of thought and courage to follow their head (and heart!) no-matter-what the outcome is, for I believe one should only be answerable to their own conscious and be able to make decisions based on what they believe is right rather than living on borrowed thoughts and/or are too lazy to walk against the tide. is a satisfying life when we know we are living on our own terms. That's how I have been brought up and that is how I aspire to continue.