Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Dancing Diva

Around 8-9 months back I was searching for a Kathak class in Seattle on the internet. I found a class and I was in the seventh heaven as I wanted to learn it since a long time.

And then came the most surprising day of my life. It was my first day at the class and I was all excited. I went to the studio and was sitting open mouthed for straight one hour. The studio was full of all American students, rather I was the only Indian person in the entire class as even the teacher is Russian.

Born and raised in Russia Natalya Landar at age 16 was fascinated with Kathak. She moved to Seattle few years back and has changed her name to Nalini (lotus).
Actually from that day onwards Nalini surprises me with each and every thing that she does. She has in depth knowledge of everything that is Indian...right from culture, values, history, languages to movies and Indian outfits.

Nalini is a great dancer. In dancing I think the most important thing is grace. Nalini is the most graceful dancer I have ever seen (Ummm I will say after Madhuri Dixit... I consider her the goddess of grace).

No need to say, you must have figured out from the photos that she is extremely beautiful. Nalini is one of the most good natured person I have ever known. She is calm, considerate, full of energy and enthusiasm, very well organized.
Words fall short to describe her. Whenever I am in her company I feel very energetic.

In 1.5 hour of the class she teaches Kathak for 1 hour and half an hour is dedicated for learning dance on bollywood songs like Kajra re, Mera assi kali ka etc.

And then Students in the class get an opportunity to perform on these songs at various dance shows.

So all the girls in Seattle who want to learn Kathak and bollywood dance here is the address, class timing and fees...Give it a try...I am sure you will love it.

"Skin Deep Dance Studio"
at the
El Centro De La Raza
on the 3th floor

2524 16th Ave S #311
Seattle WA 98144
Parking is available on the North side of the building in the lot (entrance on 16th Ave S). You can enter the building through the North Entrance.


7:00-8:30 pm

drop in - $18

or monthly $15/per class

For any more information about the class please visit www.nalinidance.com

See you there!

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