Friday, February 01, 2008

Mathrubhumi - A nation without woman

According to the Union health and family welfare minstry and UN organisations over 35 million girl children have been killed systematically over the last hundred years (in India).

This film is harsh, intense and brilliant.

The concept, though abstract, is quite radical in itself.

The movie is set in the future where prejudice and economic concerns have caused female infanticide to run so rampant that there are hardly any women left in the country.


kasakaay said...

Thanks for the information.
Can you please give more information about the movie such as director,actors etc? Is this movie being released commercially?

Kelly C. said...

I really want to see this!! Thanks for the head's up! YOur blog looks fab, by the way!!

penandpaper said...

Hi, I reached your blog, roaming around on the online world, and found it interesting.
Coming back to "Mathrubhumi". Although I did find the concept interesting and promising but I thought the film was too gross. It is not about shying away from the inconvenient truth, it is about really making an effort to do justice to the subject. I strongly feel that these days several film-makers resort to such topics to portray exploitation of women in a pervert way. I am not commenting on "Mathrubhumi" particularly but in general.

Anonymous said...

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